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Arto Riimala


"The best thing about my job is all the people who help create these internationally award-winning products."

Valtra as a workplace

Valtra combines a long and impressive history with today’s state-of-the-art technological expertise. We are an international company, which can be seen in just about every aspect of our work. Valtra is part of the global AGCO Corporation, which means that we can offer versatile development opportunities and attractive career paths within our organisation.

Valtra embodies a spirit of doing and getting things done in which each employee is proud to carry responsibility for the quality performance of his or her own work. Valtra has almost 800 employees in Suolahti, Finland, working in a wide range of jobs, including R&D, sales and marketing, after sales, logistics, finances, quality, purchasing, production. We at Valtra are indeed extremely proud of our unique customer service, the premium quality of our products and the passion with which we do our jobs.


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Sanna Vaarala

I began working at Valtra as an after sales marketing and financial assistant, after which I joined Valtra’s sales team. I now work as a sales development expert, and my tasks include developing and implementing our sales development processes. Another important task is developing sales management tools and supporting sales in general. I am also involved in Valtra’s ongoing digitalisation development programme.

The best thing about Valtra is its international dimension and its diverse tasks. I am involved in the fast-moving world of sales and sales development. I especially like supporting sales and helping to develop these support activities; I enjoy seeing the bigger picture and discovering new ways of doing things.

The people at Valtra are friendly and outgoing, and they really made me feel at home. With every department that I have worked with, there has been a genuine “let’s do it” attitude. At Valtra I’ve never felt alone or isolated. 


I used to work in Helsinki at an R&D consultancy, where I helped design forest machinery among other things. I found working with big machinery to be interesting, especially as there seemed to be so much potential for further development. So I then applied for a job at Valtra’s Engineering Centre and got the job.

I initially worked with industrial design tasks: conceptualisations, 3D modelling and model building. These days I am mostly involved in cab ergonomics: designing physical and digital user interfaces, and conceptualising and developing the user experience.

My job allows me to be involved in the product development process from start to finish and to see how new tractors are created from concept to end product. My work requires me to learn new things all the time, which keeps my mind active. The best thing about my job, however, is all the people who help create these internationally award-winning products.

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