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Customise your service support with Valtra Care

Valtra Care

extended warranty

Extended warranty

Valtra Care is a way for you to fix your costs at point of purchasing your Valtra tractor or at point the normal, factory warranty period expires.

Valtra Care allows you to anticipate flexibly the maintenance costs of your investment so that you can better manage your running costs. Regular maintenance and a full service history help maximize the resale value of your tractor.

Valtra Care also lets you minimize the lifecycle costs of your tractor; it can include up to a five-year or 6000-hour extended factory warranty.

Valtra Care packages can be personalized to suit your payment and operating hour requirements.

secure your property

Secure your property

Valtra Care is available with all Valtra models. It is valid if the tractor is used for the purposes it is designed. Further, all periodical maintenance services and possible repairs and replacements of the components are carried out by an authorized Valtra dealer using only original Valtra parts and keeping the service booklet filled in correctly.