valtra n4 series on the field working with frontloader

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115 HP

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The Valtra N Series

The N Series is compact in size, with the best power/size ration in its class. Agil and lightweight machine with perfect ergonomics and comfort makes working easy and productive. And, with the robust and reliable construction, 600 hours’ service interval and low fuel consumption, the total cost of ownership is kept to a minimum.


Specialize in Everything. Compromise in nothing.

AIRES air-suspended front axle

We are proud to introduce a new front axle option on the Valtra N Series range in 2019. The AIRES air-suspended front axle offers a faster response and a better shock absorption level, particularly in fast axle movements. This makes operator comfort and traction superior over previous, hydro-pneumatic solutions. The AIRES suspension features a separate, self-levelling pneumatic suspension. The suspension system uses compressed air which is sure to work also in cold temperatures.

valtra n4 series at forestry work


On your land, no two days are alike. That’s why we build each N Series tractor to excel in all imaginable tasks, from mixed farming to municipal work and dairy farming to contracting. Specify rugged bottom protection for forestry and other demanding tasks.

two valtra n4 series tractors working with frontloader

The workhorse for mixed farming

The new N Series is the most powerful 4-cylinder tractor in the industry, with a power boost providing up to 201 hp and 800 Nm torque. With up to 200 l/min hydraulics you have enough power for your implements, with up to 78 kN lift capacity in the rear and an 890 mm lifting range. With its optimal wheel base and the perfect 40%–60% weight distribution you get a good grip on the ground and good balance for front loader work. You can also select automatic steering options (up to cm accuracy) directly from the factory.

valtra n4 series on a muddy field ploughing with dual wheels

Great in grassland

This tractor has impressive agility in tight corners, with just a 4.5 m turning radius – even with a front loader and front linkage. You can enhance the agility further with Valtra´s adjustable QuickSteer. There are plenty of options, such as an integrated front loader with a hydraulic assistant, a Skyview cab for excellent visibility, heavy duty axles, up to 7 valves in the rear and 4 valves in front, different speed options from 40 km/h close to 60 km/h, and trailer couplings that work like a precision watch. Front PTO and rear 3 speed PTO with a ground speed option provide unmatched power for your implements.

Contracting, multitasking, and more

You can tailor the Valtra N Series exactly for your requirements, be it contracting, forestry, or municipal work. The Valtra Direct CVT transmission is at its best in multitasking and road transport, and gives precision for front loader work. Valtra cabin and front axle suspension offer you more comfort than any other brand. For tough conditions and demanding tasks such as forestry you can equip your working machine with a 165 liter steel tank, bottom protection and bottom protection plate - 55 cm ground clearance is there as standard. Valtra’s unique TwinTrac reverse driving will make your working days more efficient and economical.

a girl inside valtra n4 series cabin

Economic Contracting

No matter what work you are doing, in Eco mode (in the N114e and N154e) you can reduce your fuel consumption by an additional 10%.


Technology in the background. Ease of use up front.

It’s not about technology. It’s about making work as easy and efficient as possible. Automatic features are at your fingertips when you need them – push the ECO button and engage U-Pilot or transmission automatics, to make the tractor handle itself. With Auto-Guide you get cm/dm accuracy. The SmartTouch terminal and Valtra Connect are available factory fitted, ready to use when the tractor arrives at your farm, all covered by the same service and warranty.

Unbeatable Range of Choice

Valtra n4 series hitech active versu direct comparison



5PS, with open centre 73/90 litre hydraulics

Mechanical hydraulic controls

HiTech models N104 - N124 are also available with a turbine clutch option, providing extra convenience and precision for front loader and municipal applications.


5PS, with load sensing hydraulics

Mechanical hydraulic controls

New Joystick available in Active

Valtra Active is a revolutionary powershift technology with load sensing hydraulics at up to 200 l/minute, a hydraulic assistant and separate hydraulic and transmission oils. In HiTech and Active models the transmission control is robotized, so there are no mechanical gear levers. These tractors can be equipped with easy-to-use basic controls or with a control armrest that lets you drive at all speeds using the small gear lever and cruise control.


5PS, with load sensing hydraulics

Electrical hydraulic controls

Valtra SmartTouch armrest with display

Easy transmission and hydraulic settings

Valtra Versu is the king of the new generation powershift transmissions, with electronic hydraulic control, a hydraulic assistant, 115, 160 or 200 litre output, and separate hydraulic and transmission oils. It operates with the drive lever in automatic or manual mode. By choosing a Versu transmission, you get the ease of powershift and the flexibility of CVT in one package


CVT with load sensing hydraulics

Electrical hydraulic controls

Valtra SmartTouch armrest with display

This is the flagship of the range. The drive lever allows you to adjust the acceleration and deceleration with just your right hand. We offer versatile velocity control setups, including a manual transmission control for use with some special types of crop.


Valtra Powershift is the smoothest transmission on four wheels. Take your foot off the clutch and you are automatically in control – with Valtra you can drive your powershift tractor like a CVT. In automatic modes you shift automatically based on your acceleration and torque requirements – and you always get the best fuel economy. The 5 step Powershift transmission has four ranges and is available in HiTech, Active and Versu. With two optional creeper ranges, you have 30 speeds in both directions.

The new gear lever, with manual and automatic modes, makes shifting precise and effortless.

These models also have the Hill-hold feature, so you can get a smooth start with just the accelerator pedal, even uphill. Versu models have a revolutionary, patented hydraulic assistant, giving you more hydraulic output automatically, either stationary or when driving, with no effect on driving speed. No other powershift can do it! – Available also in Active and Hitech if electrical front valves are fitted.

valtra n4, t4, s4 series with smarttouch on a field


Command your N Series tractor by the unique Valtra SmartTouch armrest. It brings all tractor functions within easy reach and allows for a full customization of function buttons and user profiles, making the N Series perfectly suited for your individual needs.



Valtra offers a set of smart farming technologies that work seamlessly together – Auto-Guide, ISOBUS, AgControlTM Section, AgControlTM Variable Rate and TaskDoc – which you operate from the SmartTouch terminal. By automatically guiding your tractor and implements, these improve your accuracy and precision, reduce working time, and make sure you get better yields and better return on your investment.


Specialize in everything. Compromise in nothing.

valtra n4 series blue in a studio

Factory Fitted

Tailor your tractor from hundreds of factory-fitted options together with your Valtra dealer or online. This is how we ensure that you will get the working machine that matches your needs exactly.

valtra n4 series with a snow plough working

VALTRA Unlimited

The Valtra Unlimited service creates unlimited possibilities. Get a unique exterior package with a special paint color, or choose interior features such as leather and chrome. Select business applications, like a bottom grader, or special military features. Everything is installed at the factory and covered by the factory warranty.

The sky’s no limit!



You get exactly the power you need, when and where you need it. There is plenty of power for pulling and PTO, but it is only in use when you need it. Here are just a few examples of Valtra power management solutions.


  • Exhaust After Treatment
  • Valtra Power Management
  • High precision Common Rail injection
  • Efficient turbo technology
  • EcoPower mode
  • EcoSpeed
  • Low idling speed
  • Cooling system

Technical specifications

  Max Power with boost (ISO 14396) Model Types
Model HP kW NM Active Versu Direct HiTech
N104 115 85 510       x
N114e 125 92 540       x
N124 135 99 580       x
N134 145 107 620 x x x x
N154e 165 121 660 x x x x
N174 201 148 800 x x x x






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