Power at your fingertips

Valtra tractors offer you a range of transmission and hydraulic options that allow you to perform tasks precisely, comfortably and with maximum available power.

Whether you decide for the reliable fully synchronized powertrain of the small A Series models, the versatile powershift transmissions in HiTech, HiTech 5 or Versu models, the easy-to-use CVT in Direct models or the popular AVT transmission in S Series models – Valtra transmissions are designed to help you work long days productively and efficiently.

Versatile powershift transmissions

A range of automated or programmable transmission functions make the operation of Valtra tractors intuitive and help you get the power and precision out of your tractor that is necessary for the job.


HiTech 5 video introduction

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Overview of powershift transmission features

Function Description Available with model
Automatic shifting,
Mode 1
Factory setting for stress-free driving with good efficiency HiTech, HiTech 5, Versu
Automatic shifting,
Mode 2
Adjustable shifting automatics for customised needs HiTech, HiTech 5, Versu
Automatic shifting
C / D ranges
Gives access to automated shifting for all road speeds HiTech 5, Versu
Shuttle pre-programming Increases efficiency for repeated shuttle operations HiTech, HiTech 5, Versu
Cruise Controls
1 & 2 Engine
Easy to adjust for PTO-use and changing situations HiTech, HiTech 5
Cruise Control
1 & 2 Drive speed
Key to stress-free control of driving speed HiTech, HiTech 5
AutoTraction Easiest solution for stop-and-go operations HiTech, HiTech 5, Versu
4WD shuttling automatics Avoid slip on 2WD operations HiTech, HiTech 5, Versu
4WD automatics Operation of 4WD efficient with no load on driver HiTech, HiTech 5, Versu
Diff lock automatics Operation of diff locks efficient with no load on driver HiTech, HiTech 5, Versu
Flexible Idle speed
1200 > 650 rpmm
Lower engine idle speed when shuttle lever in P position, increased idle speed if needed for catalyst cooling HiTech, HiTech 5, Versu
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Direct - stepless power

The Direct CVT which has been designed and manufactured, in-house, by Valtra, features four ranges. This allows you to set the transmission to efficiently transfer the maximum amount of torque and power for the job at hand.

The result is increased performance, reduced fuel consumption, and increased lifetime of an already proven, reliable transmission. With four ranges, the operator can find the optimum range for individual tasks and for changing conditions.

AVT Transmission

The overall efficiency of the Valtra S Series is further enhanced by the stepless AGCO Variable Transmission (AGCO AVT).  Manufactured by AGCO in Germany, this transmission has been the European market leader among big tractors for years. Its popularity is based on its versatility and, above all, its fuel efficiency. Especially for contracting work that requires a lot of driving between locations, the AGCO Variable Transmission enables you to drive efficiently at low engine speeds.