Intelligent solutions for your tractor Connecting your farm enterprise like never before

Intelligent solutions for your tractor

AGCO Fuse™ Technologies deliver leading-edge precision farming solutions to transform your enterprise through seamless integration and optimization - resulting in improved productivity and profitability.

Valtra offers a range of high-tech solutions that make your tractor even more versatile and intelligent. The ISOBUS data transfer system, Auto-Guide 3000™ automated steering assist system and AgCommand telemetry system allow you to carry out your work cost effectively while monitoring both the tractor itself and the tasks it is performing online.

Auto-Guide 3000™ improves productivity

Just as in many sports disciplines, every centimetre counts when working with tractors. The Auto-Guide 3000™ system enables incredibly precise driving, saving you money in cultivation costs and maximising your harvests.

Maximum efficiency
The Auto-Guide automated steering system is based on GNSS technology including GPS and Glonass satellites and makes precision farming easy and comfortable regardless of visibility. The system can steer the tractor accurately within a tolerance of just a few centimetres without the driver even having to touch the steering wheel. This allows the driver to focus entirely on controlling the implement as the system ensures that the tractor goes exactly where it is supposed to without any unnecessary overlap.

Using the Auto-Guide system saves both time and money, as it allows the entire working width of the implement to be fully utilised. At the same time the quality and quantity of the harvest improve, as no parts of the field are left untouched.

Advantages of Auto-Guide 3000™

Advantages of Auto-Guide 3000

  • Saves fuel and time
  • Allows you to drive in the dark, in fog and in dusty conditions
  • Enhances precision and your ability to focus on your work, thus increasing efficiency
  • Makes turning in the headland faster
  • Reduces the amount of seeds, fertiliser and pesticides that are wasted
  • Reduces the flattening of crops due to overlapping and over-fertilising
  • Reduces the amount of weeds due to precise spraying of pesticides
  • Reduces overlap when spraying pesticides
  • Reduces overlapping driving lines and therefore soil compaction
  • Enables a higher return on investment
  • Eliminates the need for a row marker system
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Valtra ISOBUS makes it easy to control implements

Valtra ISOBUS makes it easy to control modern implements, especially those with many functions and a high level of automation. The ISOBUS system transmits a variety of information from the tractor to the implement and vice versa.

At the heart of the system is a virtual terminal inside the cab, which allows the driver to control the implement and display, input and store data. ISOBUS allows you to benefit from the latest technology, as the number of ISOBUS compatible implements used in agriculture is increasing rapidly. Valtra offers two ISOBUS terminals, the C1000 with a 7” screen and the C3000 with 12.1” touchscreen.

AgCommand keeps track of your tractor’s movements

The AgCommand telemetry system uses GPS technology that allows you to monitor your tractor, including its location, the work being carried out, work productivity and servicing requirements, from any computer connected to the internet.

The AgCommand system stores the movements of your tractor and the work it has performed on a server, allowing you to track its location and productivity at any time for any selected period. Monitoring and reporting tasks is especially useful for contractors who operate several tractors. It is also easy and convenient to track machinery that has been rented out or lent to someone else. The system is so precise that even the smallest tasks can be traced.
The data stored by the AgCommand system can be reviewed easily on any computer connected to the internet. The data is transmitted automatically from the tractor to the system over a GSM network and does not require any input from the driver.

With the AgCommand mobile App machine data can be accessed via Iphone or Ipad at any location.

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