Legendary Finnish SISU - the best engine on the market

Legendary Finnish SISU

At the heart of Valtra tractors you will find the most reliable and efficient engine technology available on the market.

For over sixty years Valtra tractors have been powered by AGCO Power engines.  AGCO Power is the global leader in the development and manufacturing of off-road engines. The engines are renowned for their durability, reliability and extremely strong torque.

Engine features

Well-tested engine features ensure that Valtra tractors are reliable and comply with latest emission standard without any increase in operating costs.

Engine models

AGCO Power 8.4AWF – revolutionary SCR technology
The reliable 8.4 AWF AGCO POWER engine is the key to the productivity of the S Series. The engine uses the latest AGCO POWER technology to comply with the Tier 4 final, stage 4 emissions standard. The same technology also ensures the reliability of the engine without any increase in operating costs. AGCO POWER’s SCR technology was introduced with the S Series back in 2008, making it the first tractor in the world to feature this technology.
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AGCO Power 66 AWI and 74 AWI – the powerhouses of the T Series
The sturdy, reliable and high torque engines on the T Series feature common-rail fuel injection. The engine idle speed is just 650 rpm, compared to around 850 rpm normally. The lower engine idle speed significantly reduces fuel consumption and engine noise. SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology ensures that T Series tractors are fuel efficient, environmentally friendly and durable.
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AGCO Power 44AWI and 49AWI– four-cylinder power
The common-rail engines of the larger N Series models feature precision multi-stage fuel injection at high pressure (1600/1800 bar), allowing excellent efficiency and clean combustion. On the N Series, the radiator and intercooler are located next to each other to allow clean air into the engine, which in turn leads to cleaner emissions and lower fuel consumption. SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology makes N Series tractors extremely fuel efficient, environmentally friendly and durable.
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AGCO Power 33CTA – a compact powerhouse
The third-generation 3-cylinder AGCO Power 33CTA common-rail engine is the heart of A Series HiTech models. The SisuTronic EEM3 electronic engine management system can adjust the fuel injection by up to five times per combustion. The 33CTA is a quiet engine that still offers a lot of power and torque. The engine complies with EU Stage 3A emissions regulations.
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Tried and tested power

Valtra sponsors tractor pulling in the Pro Stock category in Europe. The competition tractors are based on current Valtra models with many of the components the same as T and S Series tractors. The pulling team’s tractors are powered by AGCO Power engines that can produce over 2000 horsepower with a single turbocharger.


Valtra’s competitive activities promotes research and development, providing valuable information about tractor performance under extreme loads and how to transmit power to the ground in the most optimal way. In other words, the data provided by our tractor pulling activities helps us maximise the productivity of your Valtra too.