T Series range expands with introduction of HiTech models and new features Press Release

T Series range expands with introduction of HiTech models and new features
The fourth generation T Series range has been further expanded with new features and the introduction of HiTech models that are available for all horsepower classes. The T Series is now available with HiTech, Active, Versu and Direct transmissions.

The HiTech models feature a five-step powershift transmission and differ from Active models in terms of their hydraulics: HiTech models have a gear pump producing 73 or 90 litres per minute and mechanically controlled hydraulic blocks. Active models in turn have load-sensing hydraulics producing up to 200 litres per minute.

T Series HiTech tractors are base models that represent an easy to use and reliable alternative for tasks that do not require massive hydraulic output.

Updates to the cab

The expanded T Series range now offers also new cab alternatives. The new SkyView cab is based on the fourth generation cab and has almost seven square metres of glass. A metal railing protects the edges of the roof from branches and serves as a mounting railing for auxiliary lights, for example. A wiper keeps the roof window clean in all conditions, and narrow mudguards facilitate driving in forests. A steel fuel tank can also be specified for forest work.

Another new option is a cab with two doors. In addition, customers can specify electrically adjustable mirrors and a heated windshield, for example. An auxiliary heater is also available for tough winter conditions and can be controlled remotely using a mobile device.

T Series HiTech models all feature the same revolutionary powershift transmission properties as Active and Versu models and can be operated like a stepless transmission. In addition, standard features on HiTech models include a hill-hold feature, AutoTraction and a hydraulics assistant that ensures the optimal ease of use, productivity and efficiency for demanding tasks.

The HiTech models also feature Valtra’s patented hydraulics assistant. Valtra is the only tractor manufacturer in the world that offers a hydraulics assistant also on tractors with powershift transmissions. The hydraulics assistant automatically increases engine speed when a lot of hydraulics power is needed, such as in front loader work.

The new T Series HiTech models cover all horsepower classes from the T144 to the T234.

T Series HiTech models:

 Model Standard  Boost Torque Nm 
T144  HP kW  HP  kW  Normal  Boost 
155 114 170  125  640  680 
T154  165 121  180  132  680  740 
T174e 175  129  190  140  740/850  780/900
T194 195 143,5  210  154,5  850  870 
T214 215 158 230  169  870  910 
T234 235 173 250 184 930 1000

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