Engines run cleaner with less fuel

Engines run cleaner with less fuel

The first emission standards for off-road engines producing more than 130 kilowatts came into force in 1996 in Europe and North America. Prior to that, there were no restrictions on the emissions of tractors and harvesters, for example.

In 1996, the amount of nitrogen oxides in exhausts gases had to be reduced by 30 percent and the amount of particles by 10 percent. Since then, emissions have been reduced incrementally.

In 2014 emissions standards will reach their probable culmination with the introduction of Tier 4 Final. As a result, engines will emit 97 percent less nitrogen oxides and particles than they did in 1995. Essentially, these emissions have been eliminated altogether.

This target has been reached above all thanks to selective catalytic reduction (SCR), which allows the combustion in the engine to be optimised as far as possible with current technology. Exhaust gases are treated in the exhaust pipe by spraying them with a mixture of urea and water (AdBlue), which is completely harmless and easy to use.

With the introduction of the Tier 4 Final emission standard, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is also employed. With this technology, some of the exhaust gases are cooled and fed back into the engine.

Valtra tractors use AGCO Power engines. AGCO Power is a pioneer in SCR technology, setting the standard for the entire industry. Valtra and AGCO Power introduced the technology to tractors back in 2008 with the S Series. The technology has also been tried and tested in industrial engines and trucks for decades and been proven reliable.

The latest Tier 4 Final-compliant engines are also being introduced on the S Series. They feature twin turbos with an electronic wastegate, allowing precise amounts of air to be fed into the engine in all conditions.   

The new engines offer the advantages of reliability, low maintenance and fuel efficiency. Expensive particulate filters that can cause overheating and become clogged are not required. Since the engines run cooler, they also last longer. Combustion is further improved by precision injection with up to 2000 bar pressure.

The new emissions standard will be introduced in stages for smaller engines. Valtra and AGCO Power already have the technology required for all horsepower categories and purposes. Although the technological details vary, the customer always gets the most environmentally friendly, long lasting, reliable and fuel efficient engine available.

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