European owners satisfied with their Direct 2.0 tractors

European owners satisfied with their Direct 2.0 tractors

The latest version of Valtra’s stepless transmission has won praise from owners around the world.

The new Direct 2.0 is even easier to use, more powerful, quieter, more comfortable and more fuel efficient than previous versions. For example, cab noise levels on the T163 EcoPower model have been reduced to just 68.5 decibels. The Direct 2.0 transmission is available with the N123, N143, N163, T163e, T183 and T203 models. 

Jerome Bagland, Indre et Loire, France

Jerome Bagland farms 600 hectares in Central France. His livestock includes poultry and Charolais cattle. He has four Valtra T Series tractors, one Valtra N Series and one new S Series on its way. His newest tractor is a T203 Direct. “Valtra tractors are strong and reliable. My local dealer Max Berny also offers excellent service and support. I use my T203 Direct for such tasks as soil preparation and slurry spreading. It is quiet and good on the road thanks to its front axle and cab suspension,” Jerome reports.  

Martijn Voorbraak, West Brabant, Netherlands

Martin Voorbraak farms 100 hectares in the Netherlands, where he grows food potatoes, seed potatoes, grass seeds, and endive. His tractor fleet includes an 8100, an 8050, an N141 and a T203 Direct. He uses the T203 Direct for such tasks as sowing, planting, ploughing and cultivating. “The stepless transmission is great on the potato fields, since I can adjust the speed infinitely, and on the road the engine needs very low revs. The T203 Direct is quiet, comfortable thanks to the suspension, easy to use and really powerful,” Martijn reports.  

Markus Renner, Reuth, Germany

Markus Renner has a 110-hectare dairy farm with 90 cows in Reuth, Germany. He uses a T203 Direct to harvest corn and grass silage using a 9-metre mowing combination and to spread slurry with a 18-cubic-metre wagon. “The stepless transmission is really excellent when driving through villages and in traffic, as it is really easy to start and stop. The weight distribution is also extremely balanced, so the front axle pulls well. The T203 Direct is so comfortable that it’s almost a disappointment when the workday ends and I have to climb out! I’d love to just keep on driving,” reports Markus.  

Markku Ruuska, Äänekoski, Finland

Markku Ruuska has a 68-hectare dairy farm with 25 cows in Central Finland. His main tractor is an N163 Direct, which he uses around 800 hours a year. The farm has had Valtra/Valmet tractors since the 1960s. His previous tractor was a N143 Direct. “The fuel economy of the N163 Direct with its stepless transmission was a positive surprise. The tractor needs just 1,300 to 1,600 revs. The average annual fuel consumption is 8 litres per hour. When spraying and rolling, the fuel consumption is just 6 litres per hour. With a four-furrow plough the fuel consumption is 9 to 10 litres per hour, and with an 8-metre levelling harrow the fuel consumption is 20 litres per hour. The AdBlue consumption is next to nothing in wintertime, and in summertime it has to be topped up every fourth or fifth time that I tank up with diesel. The four-cylinder tractor is lighter and more agile than the six-cylinder tractor, and it has better visibility from the cab. The transmission is smooth, and the level of automation really helps the driver’s work,” Markku reports.  

Ahti Mansikka, Loppi, Finland

Ahti Mansikka farms 120 hectares in Loppi, Southern Finland. He has an N163 Direct to cultivate grain. Ahti uses his Valtra as much as 2,500 to 2,700 hours per year. “I spend a lot of time in the cab. In wintertime I also use the tractor for snow ploughing and preparing skating rinks. In summertime I use it on the road, for contracting, transporting irrigation water and of course for cultivating. My N163 Direct has front axle suspension, an air-conditioned Evolution driver’s seat, a five-pillar SVC cab, all the possible wheel weights, two rotating warning lights on the roof, a front loader and even Bluetooth. The tractor is really quiet thanks to the low revs needed by the stepless transmission. The cruise control feature is excellent, and the cab is ergon-omic with all the main controls on the right. Driving with the pedal is easy, and the tractor is really agile in built-up areas,” Ahti reports.

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