From Finland to Italy: Day 4 (Poland)


Day 4 of Vladi Peresson’s trip across Europe took him and his team to Poland.

The first stop was at the premises of the National Farmer’s Union of Poland (KZRKIOR) in Warsaw.

The travellers then continued some 215 km south to Częstochowa, where the team took part in a meeting on European agriculture with Władysław Serafin, president of KZRKIOR, and Ennio Benedetti, chairman of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia branch of the Italian farmer’s union (CIA). The meeting continued over dinner in the nearby town of Klobuck, where Vladi Peresson and the team also spent the night.

The tractor has been running perfectly throughout the trip and its level of comfort has exceeded expectations. “This trip gives the customer and his friends the opportunity to discover the various functions that the N142 Versu has to offer. For example Vladi has been very content with the automatic functions, like Auto 1 and Auto 2 driving modes, which make operating the tractor easy and comfortable”, comments Franco Scorsi.

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