From Finland to Italy: Day 3 (Latvia, Lithuania)


On Wednesday Vladi Peresson continued the journey with his new N142 Versu via the Baltic countries and Poland.

The first stop of the day was at Latvian Valtra distributor SIA Valtek in Jaunbērzi. The team stopped to see the company premises and also visited the nearby town of Jelgava.

Vladi and his fellow travellers then continued 150 km south to Panevėžys, Lithuania. They managed this stage in just under four hours, bringing them to the branch of local Valtra distributor UAB Rovaltra.

At five in the afternoon the travellers set off on the longest leg of the journey so far, 510 km to Warsaw. The team drove all night and took turns driving every 60 to 90 minutes. At eleven o'clock they crossed the Lithuanian-Polish border and at five in the morning they finally reached their destination, the offices of the Polish National Farmer's Union.

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