From Finland to Italy: Day 1 & 2 (Finland, Estonia)

After an enjoyable drive from Suolahti to Helsinki, the evening ferry brought Vladi and his team safely to Tallinn. The amenities on board, especially the ship's own sauna, were greatly appreciated by everybody.
Spending the night in Tallinn posed a little challenge. The mobile home, which is accompanying the tractor, doesn't have room for all eight team members. Luckily Franco and Guido came up with a creative solution: they simply moved their beds to the roof of the caravan.
In the morning a well-rested team continued their journey to the town of Türi, 80 km south of Tallinn, where the travellers were met by Valtra's Estonian distributor Taure AS and journalists from the local radio and newspaper.

The road trip has attracted attention on the roads, too. People have been waving when overtaking the travellers and some even stopped to take pictures. "Everybody has been very patient and friendly to us, even though we are slowing down traffic on the country roads", says Daniela Peresson.
In the afternoon Vladi Peresson and his team will continue their way to Riga. There they will meet representatives of the "Kopa ar mums" organisation and visit one of the child care centres which the tractor road trip is raising funds for.

The travellers will spend the night in Latvia's capital and gather strength for the next stage of the journey from Riga to Warsaw (715 km), for which they will have to drive day and night to keep within schedule.

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