From Finland to Italy: Day 1 (Suolahti)


Italian farmer Vladi Peresson will drive his new Valtra tractor from the factory in Suolahti all the way to his home village Arta Terme in northeastern Italy. At 11:30 this morning the engine of the N142 Versu started at the factory gate and Vladi Peresson and his team set off on the 2761 km journey.

The first leg of the journey will take the travellers some 370 km through Southern Finland to Helsinki, where they will get the evening ferry to Tallinn.

Driving at 40 km/h the team will take turns driving the tractor during the seven-day journey. On the route there will be stops at local Valtra dealers in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary.

The journey will also raise money for the Latvian association “Kopa ar mums” (Together with us) which manages a day care centre for children Riga and an orphanage in Lauderi, a village about 300km east of the capital. The target is to raise 2761 euros, or one euro for each kilometre.

Valtra manufactures tractors on the basis of individual orders. Each customer can specify their tractor according to their needs by choosing from a wide variety of options and alternatives.

"Our new Valtra tractor will be put to work at our family farm", says Vladi Peresson who runs a dairy farm in Arta Terme together with his father Claudio Peresson. "The N142 equipped with TwinTrac reverse-drive system and with cabin suspension is the best tractor for farming in our mountainous regions", he adds. Besides working on the farm, the tractor will also be used for winter road maintenance work in the Carnia region.

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