Valtra reduces its carbon footprint together with DHL Press Release

Between August and the end of last year Valtra succeeded in reducing the carbon dioxide emissions created by express deliveries by a total of 270.16 tonnes.
This considerable reduction in emissions was achieved through co-operation with the logistics company DHL. Valtra was the first major industrial client in Finland to participate in DHL’s GoGreen service. DHL is one of Valtra’s most vital logistics partners.

“We are continuing to participate in this programme, as the first five months demonstrated to us how much can be achieved in terms of reducing CO2 emissions. The programme includes all express delivery services that DHL provides to Valtra, primarily spare parts deliveries. In addition, Valtra uses DHL’s services for container transports, tractor deliveries and warehousing,” says Matti Salminen, Logistics Manager at Valtra.

The GoGreen service reduces carbon dioxide emissions by planning routes and logistics more efficiently. In addition, the carbon dioxide emissions that are created are compensated for by planting trees and other measures. On 9 June 2010 DHL and Valtra planted trees to bind carbon dioxide on state-owned land in Padasjoki, Finland. According to the calculations, a single tree binds 20 kilos of carbon dioxide a year, or a total of 1000 kilos over its expected lifespan of 50 years. These compensation projects comply with the Kyoto Protocol.

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