N163 – the strongest four-cylinder tractor in the world Press Release


Valtra will present at the Agritechnica trade fair in Germany on 13 November 2011 its new N Series tractors powered by SCR engines.

Valtra presents the N Series powered by SCR engines

The top models in the N Series are the N163 Versu and Direct models, which are the most powerful four-cylinder tractors in the world. In addition, the new AGCO SISU POWER engine technology has allowed the front of the N Series to be fully redesigned to make it even more user-friendly.

AGCO e3 SCR engine technology reduces fuel consumption by approximately 5-10 percent. In addition, the particulate and nitrogen oxide emissions are reduced to a fraction when compared to previous technology. Tractor users also benefit from the fact that SCR technology reduces the need for engine cooling and keeps lubrication oil cleaner, thus extending engine life.

Valtra has years of experience with SCR technology. The Valtra S Series introduced in 2008 was the first agricultural tractor in the world to feature SCR technology. For tractor users SCR technology is simple, as electronics take care of the system. The driver’s only task is to fill the AdBlue tank.

The new tractor models offer even more power and torque. With new software and a revised transmission design, both the stepless and powershift models provide optimal performance in all conditions. The N163 is the most powerful four-cylinder tractor in the world, producing 163 horsepower as standard and up to 171 horsepower with power boost.
The redesigned nose of the tractor further improves visibility to the front. New high and low beam driving lights facilitate driving in the dark and are an important safety feature. The front of the chassis has been designed to allow the front tyres to achieve a greater angle, reducing the turning radius considerably compared to previous models. In addition, the front linkage and front loader do not reduce the turning radius, as they are integrated with the nose of the tractor.

The capacity of the fuel tank has been increased to 230 litres. A protective metal fuel tank is available as an option for forestry operations. The longer wheelbase in turn enhances stability when driving on roads. The five-pillar SVC cab is now available on Versu and Direct models in addition to HiTech models. Valtra’s new N Series tractors can also be specified with the LHLINK pivoting front linkage.

The new N Series is available with a new factory-fitted Auto-Steering readiness or the complete System 150 Auto-Steering package, with help of satellite navigation which can steer the tractor with an accuracy of just a few centimetres. The factory-fitted AGCOMMAND is a vehicle-tracking system and data recording tool that monitors tractor location, operation and efficiency. AGCOMMAND equipped tractors can be monitored over the internet for example by tractor owner or service dealer.

The new models represent the third generation of the N Series, as denoted by the last number in the model designation. The new features and equipment further enhance the possibility for customers to tailor their Valtra tractors according to their own individual needs.

N113  91/124/510  96/130/530 
N123  99/135/540  105/143/560 
N143  112/152/600  118/160/650 
N143  112/152/600  118/160/650 
N163  120/163/650  126/171/700 
N143  112/152/600  118/160/650 
N163  120/163/650  126/171/700 

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