Valtra wins the prestigious red dot design award Press Release


The ANTS concept tractor that was unveiled by Valtra to mark its 60th anniversary has won the prestigious red dot design award. ANTS took victory in the mobility category of the design concept series.

“The award is fine recognition for the entire team that has helped develop the ANTS concept. The design and details of ANTS were not conjured out of thin air – they are all based on research, future needs and technically feasible solutions. The ideas behind ANTS may seem far out now, but the world is changing rapidly and no one can say with any certainty what will happen over the coming decades,” comments Kimmo Wihinen, Head of Industrial Design at Valtra.

The design of the ANTS concept tractor was based on the anticipated future needs of customers. ANTS meets the challenges of the future while at the same time respecting Valtra’s traditions. It is dynamic, friendly, customisable, smart and agile, and it has an excellent power to weight ratio. The name ANTS is a play on words. It refers to Valtra’s current model series – A, N, T and S – but also to the insect. Ants are considered to be extremely strong and social insects, and the ANTS concept reflects the hardworking characteristics of real ants.

Red dot is the largest design competition in the world. In addition to the Valtra ANTS concept tractor, over 3500 entries participated in the design concept series this year.

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