Valtra presents a biogas tractor powered by a six-cylinder SCR engine Press Release


Valtra will present at Agritechnica the T133 HiTech biogas tractor powered by a six-cylinder SCR engine.

The Valtra T133 Dual Fuel is the first tractor to combine the use of biogas with clean SCR technology. The new tractor is a continuation of Valtra’s biogas project; the first test tractor – a four-cylinder N111 HiTech – was presented in summer 2010. The biogas N111 has proven such a success in testing that Valtra wants to further develop this technology and adapt it for use in other tractor models.

The T133 Dual Fuel runs on both biogas and diesel. In biogas mode, approximately 83 percent of power is produced by biogas and 17 percent by diesel or biodiesel. A small amount of diesel is required to ignite the biogas in the cylinders. In diesel mode, the engine operates like a traditional diesel engine. Natural gas for vehicles can also be used as a fuel. The dual fuel engine is not only more flexible than engines powered by gas alone, it is also significantly more efficient.

All tractors in the size class must be equipped as of next year with an SCR system or similar technology to clean the exhaust emissions. The SCR system sprays AdBlue into the exhaust gases, reducing emissions to the level required by the latest Tier 3b standard. As a pioneer in the use of biofuels, Valtra is developing combined Dual Fuel and SCR technologies to comply with even stricter standards in the future.

Valtra’s T133 and N111 biogas tractors are similar to standard tractors in terms of characteristics, equipment and performance. The fuel cost of biogas tractors is approximately 10 to 40 percent lower than that of standard tractors. When driven on biodiesel and biogas, Valtra Dual Fuel tractors are powered entirely by renewable energy sources.

The storage containers for the gas are positioned in a safe location within the tractor frame. The containers can hold 170 litres of gas at 200 bars of pressure. This amount corresponds to approximately 30 litres of diesel and is sufficient for 3 to 5 hours of work. Additional storage tanks can easily be fitted to the system if needed. The tractors can also carry 165 litres of diesel and 27 litres of AdBlue, as on standard tractors.

Valtra T133 SCR Dual Fuel  Diesel  Biogas 
Max power, kW/rpm  104/2000  104/2000 
Boost  112/2000  112/2000 
Max torque, Nm/rpm  580/1500  580/1500 
Boost  630/1500  630/1500 
Diesel/gas ratio  100%/0%  17%/83% 

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