New generation of the S Series Press Release


The Valtra S Series introduced in 2008 was the first agricultural tractor in the world to feature AGCO e3 SCR technology to clean exhaust emissions. The S Series has now entered its third generation, as denoted by the last number in the model designation.

The new models are the S233, S263, S293, S323 and S353.

The SCR engines on the new models use AdBlue additive, which is sprayed into the exhaust to clean emissions more effectively in the catalytic converter. Torque ratings of the new models have also been increased, while cab noise has been reduced from 71 to 70 decibels. Engine cooling has similarly been improved to allow the tractors to be used under even higher loads and in extremely hot conditions.

The S Series has been designed for contractors and farmers who put in long days of work. The new 630-litre fuel tank increases range, while the volume of the AdBlue tank has been increased to 60 litres, so depending on the task and conditions, it is no longer necessary to top up the AdBlue tank every time fuel is added.

The new catalytic converters are situated inside the exhaust pipe, which has a new oval design to improve visibility. The S353 and S323 models come as standard with a heavy-duty front axle, which is also optionally available on smaller S Series models. The brake system has also been improved with a new anti-freeze system.

The new S Series is available with a new factory-fitted Auto-Steering readiness or the complete System 150 Auto-Steering package, with help of satellite navigation which can steer the tractor with an accuracy of just a few centimetres. The factory-fitted AGCOMMAND is a vehicle-tracking system and data recording tool that monitors tractor location, operation and efficiency. AGCOMMAND equipped tractors can be monitored over the internet for example by tractor owner or service dealer.


Max kW/hp/Nm 

S233  199/270/1195
S263 217/295/1310
S293 236/320/1455
S323 258/350/1540
S353 272/370/1540 

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