Valtra makes further investments in individual customer service Press Release


Valtra is the only tractor manufacturer that builds tractors on the basis of individual customer orders.

Valtra has been tailor making tractors for over 20 years already, and the customer order system is being further developed. Valtra’s latest tractor models and factory investments make it even easier for individual customers to specify the ideal tractor for their needs.

In the past five years Valtra has invested over 50 million euros in product development projects. As a result, Valtra’s model line-up has been completely renewed – and this trend is continuing. The latest tractors are just a taste of the new models that will renew Valtra’s model line-up in the coming years.

The Suolahti factory has been modernised in recent years with investments worth tens of millions of euros. A further 23-million-euro investment is currently being planned for building a new paint shop and modernising the start of the assembly line. New production systems will further improve productivity, shorten delivery times and enhance cost efficiency. The modernised factory will allow Valtra to serve customers on an increasingly individual basis; for example, a wider range of forest equipment can be factory fitted. Overall the new investment will improve the factory’s ability to manufacture tractors faster and in greater numbers, as well as to supply tractors that are even more exactly tailored to customers needs.

AGCO is also investing in its ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and technology systems, as well as work methods. Valtra’s Suolahti factory is serving as a pioneer in this project. Approximately 100 people have been working full time over the past 18 months with this project at Suolahti. This investment of over 20 million euros is aimed at improving productivity at Valtra and further developing co-operation within AGCO.

These major investments will be manifested for farmers and contractors in the coming years in improved service and the possibility to specify even more precisely the tractors they need for their own work. Valtra has manufactured tractors on the basis of individual customer orders for over 20 years, and the new investments will further increase Valtra’s lead over competitors.

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