Valtra A series moves into the HiTech age Press Release


The A series, a renowned workhorse of the Valtra range, moves into the HiTech age. In addition to electro-hydraulic shuttle, A Series will now incorporate many other new features.

The A series has a long and distinguished tradition as the most popular tractor model in the Nordic countries and is used in both fields and forests. The new features enhance the versatility and comfort of this strong, light, manoeuvrable and very popular tractor.

The new electric controlled HiTech shuttle of the A Series is closely related to the traditional Valtra shuttle; universally considered the best in the business. Smooth, positive reversing makes light work of loader operating in particular, assists manoeuvring in farmyards and on headlands. The hydraulic hand brake, integrated into the shuttle lever, provides user-friendliness that has not previously been available in this size class.

Along with electric controlled shuttle, a hydraulic controlled multidisc clutched two-speed PTO will feature as part of the A Series specification. The PTO is controlled by a rocker-switch with hydraulics ensuring a smooth engagement. PTO control buttons on the rear fender are available as an option.

Power for the A series is provided by a 3.3 litre AGCO Sisu Power engine equipped with common rail fuel injection. The combination of a viscous fan and common rail injection reduce both noise and fuel consumption. A further benefit of electric engine control is the availability of cruise control as an option.

Additional electronics will also be available for transmission and rear linkage control. Valtra’s Autocontrol rear linkage with electronic control is acknowledged for accuracy and lift and lower switches are duplicated on both rear fenders. The unique Valtra AutoTraction function helps ease tasks requiring repetitive stops and starts. Proline instruments, found on the accessory list, provide a wealth of information.

Operating comfort has also taken a giant leap forward with the cab having undergone a considerable transformation: noise has been reduced, pendant pedals with electronic clutch and accelerator pedals make operation easier - even when wearing heavy protection shoes. Wider doors make cab access easier and both the steering wheel and seat have greater ranges of adjustment. With a larger foot-well at the back of the standard cab there is no need for a separate forest cab. Thus, the tractor can be equipped for forestry operations with a rear accelerator pedal, and a rear window designed for crane hydraulic valves. A low roof version is also available.

Although the A Series is equipped with numerous new features, the basic concept remains familiar. It is still a reliable, cost-effective, light and versatile tractor. Ground clearance remains high and the underside is free of pipes and wires. The fuel tank, larger than before, is still manufactured from steel and protected inside the intermediate body. The sturdy four-wheel front axle has been developed to endure even harder front loader use and front linkage and PTO is available as an option.

The traditional A Series tractor models will be available in the future as the A72, A82, and A92 Classic. Power shuttle equipped A series tractors are called HiTech models to match corresponding N and T Series tractors.

HiTech  Max. kW/hp/Nm 
A83  65/88/325 
A93  75/101/370 

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