Valtra T Series undergoes a transformation - more cost efficient than before Press Release


The largest Valtra T Series models undergo a transformation to meet planned engine emission regulations. However, this new engine technology has been the starting point for the development of new models.

In addition to fuel saving SCR technology, the new models offer a vast number of other innovations that help and enhance operation.

The core of the T183 and T203 Direct models and the T183 and T213 Versu models is the 7.4 litre AGCO Sisu Power SCR engine. These SCR engines consume about 5 to 10 percent less fuel than a corresponding engine without SCR technology. Additionally, SCR technology reduces the motor's cooling requirements, while reduced deposits keep lubricants cleaner. The SCR engine's fine particle emission is now only 3% of emissions before regulations were introduced. NOx emissions are also down; to only 20 percent of pre-regulation levels. Thus SCR technology saves fuel and reduces environmental pollution.

Valtra has several years of experience with the SCR technique. The Valtra S series, introduced in 2008, was the first agricultural tractor to utilise SCR technology. Adding AdBlue urea solution by injecting it into a catalytic converter has been used in road vehicles, particularly heavy trucks, for some years as a way of controlling emissions. The SCR system requires little operator input; electronics take care of the equipment's functions with the operator only needing to fill the AdBlue tank the same way as he or she would fill a fuel tank or windscreen washer liquid tank. Engines at emission level Stage 3B consume AdBlue at about 3 to 5 percent of total fuel consumption.

There is slightly more power and decidedly more torque in the new engines, and the nominal speed has been lowered to 2,100 r/min. Additionally, Sigma Power and Transport Boost power have been increased. T213 Versu, has 15 hp more power than previous models and has been added to the top of the line. The torque and power graphs as well as the teamwork between the motor and transmission of both the Versu and Direct models have been renewed. With new software, tractors equipped with stepless or powershift transmissions provide performances that meet all operational requirements.

There are many more new features in T3 series tractors than engine technology. The Valtra ARM arm rest now incorporates a colour screen with separate settings for day and night use. The joystick on the arm support can be used for front hydraulics, rear hydraulics, or both. The settings of both headland management and cruise control can now be modified more precisely; even when stationary. Power take-off and four-wheel drive rocker switches are now incorporated in the new arm rest.

The new T series is available with factory installed automated steering readiness, or with System 150, a comprehensive autopilot based on satellite radio determination capable of steering the tractor with great precision – to within a very few centimetres. AGCOMMAND tracking system is also available as a factory installed option. AGCOMMAND is based on satellite radiodetermination, and can be used to track the location of the tractor, the work in hand, work efficiency and the service demand from any computer linked to the internet.

Max. kW/hp/Nm 
Max. kW/hp/Nm 
T183  138/188/770  148/202/820 
T203  150/204/800  158/215/850 
T183  138/188/770  148/202/820 
T213  158/215/850  166/225/900


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