New features in Valtra S series and HiTech models Press Release


S Series engine technology will undergo a transformation next year. Launched in 2008, the Valtra S Series was the first tractor in the world to adopt the exhaust cleaning SCR system.

With the introduction of new emission regulations, S Series has adopted the second generation of SCR technology. The new technique increases AdBlue additive injection into the exhaust gas, enabling a more efficient cleaning of the exhaust gas in the catalytic converter. Along with this new technology a new S Series generation is introduced with model marking ending with the number three: S233, S263, S293, S323 and S353.

A hydraulic pump, with the capacity of 90 litres per minute, will be available for all T, N and HiTech models except for N82 and N92. Additionally, one hydraulic block will be equipped with a series flow control valve. This new hydraulics option has been instigated as a result of customer requests. The existing 73 litres per minute capacity pump will still be available.

An SVC (Side Visibility Cab) will be available for the N Series Versu and Direct models. The SVC has been specifically designed for road maintenance; verge and hedge maintenance. There are only two pillars on the right hand side wall of the SVC cab, and the window is manufactured from safe, shock-proof polycarbonate. There is also a wiper on the side window, and fender width may be reduced to enhance visibility. The SVC360 combines the side visibility of the SVC cab and top visibility of a forest cab - a unique Valtra option. These changes to availability and specification of the SVC cab on a much wider range of tractors opens up a wide variety of new uses. The new stepless N Series Direct model, with 160 litres per minute capacity hydraulics and SVC cab, is a near perfect combination for road maintenance.

A hydraulic drawbar will be available for the N and T series. The new drawbar will move both up and down and forward and back – extended position. In the extended position the drawbar will be easily visible from the cab and trailer coupling will be much easier.

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