60 years of Valtra tractors in Finland Press Release


Valtra's (Valmet) tractor production began after the Second World War. Rifle, cannon and aeroplane motor factories at Tourula and Linnavuori were converted to the production of agricultural tractors, of which there was a great shortage after the war with the first Valmet 15 tractors completed in 1951.

Only ten years later Valmet established a tractor factory in Mogi das Cruzes in Brazil and produced the first five Valmet 360 D tractors in December 1960. The courageous and risky decision to establish a factory on the other side of the world has since been proven to be right: today, Valmet do Brasil is a central part of the Valtra brand.

In 1979 Valmet bought the Swedish Volvo BM tractor operation. The roots of Volvo BM and its predecessors Bolinder and Munktell lie deep in Swedish industrial history. Theofron Munktell established a machine shop in Eskilstuna in 1832. The first tractor of Valtra's Swedish branch was finished in 1913. Valmet and Volvo BM joined forces in 1978 and the first jointly designed Volvo BM Valmet 05 tractor series was launched in 1982.

The AGCO Sisu Power engine factory in Linnavuori is closely connected to Valtra's history. The Valtra tractors produced at Suolahti have always been equipped with AGCO Sisu Power engines, or those of its predecessors Sisu Diesel and Valmet diesel. Nowadays AGCO Sisu Power engines are produced in various factories around the world and they can be found, under the bonnet of Valtra tractors and many other machines designed to work offroad.

Valtra may be 60 years old but it acknowledges its roots and sees the future with enthusiasm. What was a small Finnish product has become a world wide tractor brand and as a part of the AGCO Corporation, Valtra has gained the support of one of the largest agricultural groups in the world.

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