Record audience at Valtra stand in Agritechnica


The Agritechnica exhibition in Hannover, Germany opened extra lively at Valtra’s stand.

This year the exhibition’s new main entrance is located in the same hall as the Valtra stand which means that most visitors will pass by the Valtra highlights. Valtra’s exhibition area is more open and clear than in previous years so the atmosphere is relaxed and there is room to move around the tractors.

- It is a good idea to let people paint the charity tractor and it is a very, very good idea to give tractor to Africa, Simone Reuther comments and puts her fingerprint and signature on the tractor.

Simone Reuther, Sven Gruschka and his brother-in-law are milk farmers from Baden-Württemberg, Southern Germany.

- Valtra’s stand looks beautiful. The fingerprint idea is nice. The T162 Direct equipped for German forestry work is also extremely interesting, though there is not as much forest in our region as in Scandinavia, says Sven Gruschka.

Valtra’s stand is open from 9 a.m to 6 p.m. until 19th November in hall 9.

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