Stunt driving with a Valtra N Series tractor


Johnny Traber from Germany astonishes audiences by driving his Valtra N Series on two wheels.

The trick is part of the Traber Stunt Show, which has been performing for decades. The trick tractor is a standard Valtra N Series that has been modified by stiffening the front end, increasing tyre pressures and decoupling the four-wheel-drive. The relatively high centre of gravity, weight, low speed and price of the tractor make the stunt a real challenge.

Johnny Traber trained intensively for months to learn how to drive on two wheels, and the stunt requires precise planning. Johnny also tells us that he focuses 150 percent on his performance, which is no doubt a smart thing to do considering the inherent danger of the stunt and the potential cost if it goes wrong!

Pictures: Ira Blomberg-Kantsila

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