Valtra ANTS – A concept for the future

Valtra ANTS – A concept for the future

The highlight of Valtra’s 60th anniversary celebration at the end of January was the introduction of Valtra’s very own vision of the future – the revolutionary ANTS concept.

The Valtra ANTS concept is based on assumptions about life in the future in which a vast world’s population relies on efficient agriculture for food, energy and other raw materials. Future farmers and contractors will need machinery which lets them handle tasks beyond traditional tractor usage. Such machinery needs to be versatile, efficient, lightweight and powerful. Valtra ANTS meets these requirements, while building on the tradition of innovation and customization for which Valtra is renowned.

ANTS is a play on words. It refers to Valtra’s current model series: A, N, T and S. But it also characterizes the concept: ANTS is strong, friendly, dynamic, agile and lightweight just like real ants.

Valtra ANTS consists of two modules, a soldier unit with an output of 100kW and a worker unit with an output of 200kW. These units can be combined, creating an ANTS queen with three axles, eight wheels and an output of up to 400 kW. If needed, a cab or implements can be attached at any position to either one of the ANTS modules along their spinal core. The cab offers outstanding visibility due to its composite frame structure and adjustable position. The position and angle of the cab and implements can also be adjusted, which makes ANTS suitable for bi-directional work for which Valtra is well-known. ANTS is operated via intelligent armrests and using voice commands and gestures.

ANTS uses state of the art drivetrain technology with an electric motor located in each of the wheels. The power source can be changed according to availability and needs and may include high-capacity batteries, fuel cells, with turbine generators or internal combustion engines fuelled from the farm’s own biogas, ethanol or biodiesel production.

The wheels guarantee perfect traction in all working conditions because ANTS measures the contact surface of the wheels with the ground, as well as the soil characteristics. A unique mechanism allows the wheels to expand to nearly twice their width if necessary and also the height of the machine can be adjusted to different work environments.

A 1:5 scale model of the ANTS concept can be seen at agricultural exhibitions like SIMA and Agritechnica throughout 2011.

Valtra ANTS – A concept for the future

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