Valtra introduces new smaller models in the N Series Press Release

The two smallest models in the Valtra N Series are being upgraded. The new N93 and N103 models replace the N82 and N92 models, correspondingly.
The new tractors feature a brand new nose and three-cylinder engine. The new design significantly improves both visibility from the cab and agility. Working at night and in dark conditions is also improved thanks to new bi-halogen lights that combine both full and low beams. The new models are also considerably quieter than the models they replace.

Both new models are available with Valtra’s traditional HiTech transmission with three main powershift gears. The N103 is also available with a five-step HiTech 5 transmission. In terms of features and usage, it is the same as the transmission found on larger models, but it has been lightened to reduce the total weight of the tractor by over a hundred kilos compared with previous models.

The new models are powered by AGCO Power’s three-cylinder 33AWI engine that features common rail injection and four valves per cylinder. Exhaust emissions are cleansed using a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system that circulates the exhaust via the radiator.

As with all other Valtra tractors, the N93 and N103 models can be tailored for specific uses. For example, a forest cab and steel fuel tank are available for forestry work, and an SVC cab can be specified for municipal applications. The larger model is also available with cab suspension and the TwinTrac reverse drive system.

With the introduction of the two new models, the entire N Series has now been updated. The flagship of the N Series is the N163, the most powerful four-cylinder tractor in the world producing up to 171 horsepower with boost. The extremely popular N Series accounts for almost 50 percent of all Valtra tractors produced at the Suolahti factory in Finland.

The new N Series models:

  Max kW/hp/Nm 
N93  73/99/430 
N103  82/111/465 

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