New look and new features for the Valtra T Series Press Release


The Valtra T Series has been updated in line with the changes made to the N Series.

In addition to a new look, the T Series has been given a wide range of updates and new features to further enhance the efficiency and usability of these tractors.

The new 6.6- and 7.4-litre AGCO Power engines feature new turbos, a new belt system, a new engine management system and a new type of SCR system that cleanses exhaust emissions more effectively. Special attention has also been paid to fuel efficiency. The T163 Direct is the first Valtra tractor with a stepless transmission to feature Valtra’s legendary EcoPower system. The system allows the driver to drop the maximum engine speed from 2100 rpm to 1900 rpm while increasing maximum torque from 680 Nm to 740 Nm with the press of a button. By doing so, maximum power is available at just 1700 rpm and maximum torque at 1250 rpm. The EcoPower feature reduces fuel consumption by up to 10 percent depending on the type of work and conditions. It also reduces noise, is more environmentally friendly, and extends the life of the engine.

The usability of the new T Series models has been taken to a new level with the introduction of second generation transmissions. Direct 2.0 allows the engine and transmission to work together even more precisely. On Versu and Direct models, the operation of the cruise control, PTO, auto-steer and four-wheel-drive features has been moved from the side panel to the driver’s armrest for easier access. On Direct models, the driver can adjust how the transmission reacts to engine load using the potentiometer. For example, drivers who appreciate fuel efficiency can favour lower engine speeds, while drivers who are looking for steady PTO speeds can prioritise constant rpm instead.

Like all other Valtra tractor, the new T Series can be tailored at the factory according to the customer’s requirements. A wide range of features and options makes it easy to find the perfect combination for farming, municipal contracting, forestry work and demanding contracting tasks.

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