Valtra introduces new colour options for its tractors Press Release

For over 20 years Valtra has been the only tractor company to offer customers the unique opportunity to select the colour of their tailor-made tractor.
The selection of colour options is regularly updated with the introduction of new models. The most popular colour for Valtra tractors has traditionally been Valtra red, which accounts for almost 40 percent of all production. Among the newest colour options, black and grey have also grown in popularity.

While the traditional Valtra red remains the same, metallic red is now a shade darker and closer to burgundy. In this way the new metallic red is more easily distinguishable from the non-metallic red colour. Similarly, metallic green is also a shade darker and closer to that of pine trees, and metallic blue is closer now to midnight blue. The biggest change is silver, which is now closer to a dark grey graphite colour.

The new colour options are: red, metallic red, metallic grey, black, white, orange, metallic green and metallic blue.

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