Valtra to begin limited serial production of biogas tractors Press Release

Valtra has taken the decision to begin limited serial production of biogas tractors during the course of 2013. Valtra is the first tractor manufacturer in the world to begin serial production of biogas tractors.
Valtra has undertaken systematic research and develop into biogas tractor technology in recent years. A four-cylinder N Series prototype biogas tractor was unveiled in summer 2010, followed by a six-cylinder T Series biogas tractor in autumn 2011.

The model chosen for limited serial production is the 110-horsepower N101. This dual fuel tractor can run on both transportation grade biogas or natural gas and diesel. In dual fuel engines, a mixture of biogas and diesel is injected into the cylinders. The small amount of diesel combusts under comprehension, while 70 to 80 percent of power is produced from the biogas. The tractor can also be driven on diesel alone if biogas is not available.

The biogas solution does not limit the use of the tractor for different tasks, conditions or implements. The biogas tractor promotes the use of renewable energy in agriculture and forestry, as well as in municipal contracting. When both biogas and biodiesel are used for the fuel, the tractor runs on completely renewable energy. The use of biogas can also generate significant savings in fuel costs. Registering the biogas tractor will require special approval in each market, as common emissions regulations have not yet been agreed for dual fuel vehicles.

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