New transmission option for Valtra N Series Press Release

The third generation of the Valtra N Series has been expanded with the introduction of a new transmission option.
HiTech transmission now with a five-step powershift

The new HiTech 5 transmission features a five-step powershift and mechanical hydraulics. The new transmission will be available on N113 and N123 models.

The new transmission features robotised shifting between the main gears. There is no gear lever. The HiTech 5 transmission offers 20+20 speeds or alternatively 30+30 speeds if the creeper gear option is specified. The robotised shifting provides the tractor operator with ten consecutive powershift gears.

Using the new transmission is extremely simple. The cab has only one fixed lever with buttons on the end that are used to control the transmission’s functions. The transmission’s versatile automated features make the driver’s work much easier.

The hydraulics are the same as those on other HiTech models and are controlled by a mechanical lever. A 73-litre/minute hydraulic pump comes as standard, with a 90-litre pump available as an option.

The third generation of N Series tractors is powered by AGCO Sisu Power’s SCR engines, which offer 5 to 10 percent lower fuel consumption than on previous models. The new engine technology requires less cooling than before, enabling even better visibility forwards.

The agility of the third generation of N Series tractors has also been improved with the new front end. The integrated front linkage and front loader do not increase the turning radius. In fact, depending on the equipment specified, the turning radius is up to 15 percent smaller than before. New driving lights also enhance both convenience and safety.

All N Series HiTech 5 models are tailor made at the factory according to individual customer needs, just as other Valtra tractors. For example, customers can select a pivoting front linkage, forest equipment with protected fuel tank and forest cab, or a high-visibility SVC cab for municipal contracting. The ease of work can be further enhanced by specifying AGCOMMAND satellite navigation system, which allows the owner to monitor the tractor’s location, operations and servicing needs remotely over the internet.

N Series HiTech 5 models:

  Standard max
Transport boost
N113  91/124/510  96/130/530 
N123  99/135/540  105/143/560 

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