N163 – the most powerful four-cylinder tractor in the world

N163 – the most powerful four-cylinder tractor in the world
The Valtra’s N Series has entered its third generation and the top models are now the N163 Versu and Direct; the most powerful four-cylinder tractors in the world. In addition, the new engine technology has allowed the front of the N Series machines to be fully redesigned, making it even more user friendly.
Versu and Direct models in the new N Series are available with a new factory-fitted Auto-Steering readiness or the complete System 150 Auto-Steering package, which can steer the tractor with an accuracy of just a few centimetres. The factory-fitted AGCOMMAND satellite navigation system is also available, allowing the tractor’s location, current task, productivity and servicing requirements to be monitored over the internet.

New transmission option for Valtra N Series

The third generation of the Valtra N Series has been expanded with the introduction of a new transmission option. The new HiTech 5 transmission features a five-step powershift and mechanical hydraulics and the new transmission will be available on N113 and N123 models.

The new transmission features robotised shifting between the main gears. There is no gear lever. The HiTech 5 transmission offers 20+20 speeds or, 30+30 speeds if the creeper gear option is specified. The robotised shifting provides operators with ten consecutive powershift gears.

Operating the new transmission is extremely simple. The cab has just one fixed lever with a button that controls the transmission’s functions. The transmission’s versatile automated features make the driver’s life much easier.

The hydraulics is the same as those on other HiTech models and are controlled by a mechanical lever. A 73-litre/minute hydraulic pump is standard, with a 90-litre pump available as an option.

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