My Valtra story wins customer a trip to Finland

My Valtra story wins customer a trip to Finland
Last December, Erik Sandberg from Luleå in Sweden purchased a new N92 HiTech tractor. Afterwards he wrote a story for My Valtra about how he was able to tailor his own individual Valtra, selecting an SVC cab, a steel fuel tank, a front loader and other features that he needed.
Erik’s article for My Valtra was rewarded with a visit to the Valtra factory in Suolahti, Finland, where he was able to watch his very own tractor being built.

“I noticed sometime last winter a competition on the My Valtra website in which customers were asked to write about their experiences with tailoring their own individual tractor, so I just decided to write a few lines,” Erik says.

Erik did not have very high expectations, so the win came as a big and pleasant surprise.

“I wrote the story for My Valtra, but I never thought that I would win anything. Soon afterwards, however, I received an e-mail message informing me that I had won a trip to Finland!”

During their visit, Erik and his father Åke Sandberg got to watch their tractor being built and test drive new tractor models at the factory. They also enjoyed some fishing and an ATV safari.

“It was really a terrific trip, and seeing my own tractor being built was amazing!” Erik tells us.

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