Valtra is Finnish Champion in 2012!

The Valtra-sponsored ice hockey team JYP has won the Finnish Championship. JYP is the local team in Jyväskylä that plays in the premier Finnish Championship League.
This year’s league victory is the team’s second, the previous victory coming in 2009. Valtra is the main sponsor of the JYP ice hockey team.

The team and its latest league trophy visited Valtra’s factory in Suolahti, near Jyväskylä. The team was represented by goalkeeper Riku Helenius, team captain Juha-Pekka Hytönen and forward Jani Tuppurainen. The players toured the factory and met the employees, many of whom had their pictures taken with the players and the trophy.

Valtra has been the team’s main sponsor since 2004. Valtra and JYP joined forces as both represent the same values, such as team play, professionalism and a long-term outlook. The sponsorship agreement with JYP has provided Valtra with additional visibility outside the traditional agricultural media, while also helping to generate positive associations with the Valtra brand. The sponsorship programme is aimed at the domestic market and other cooperation partners in Finland.

Valtra thanks the JYP team for the excitement is has created among Valtra employees, partners and customers and congratulates the team on winning the Finnish Championship in 2012!

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