Valtra expands A Series – six new models in under-100 horsepower class Press Release

Valtra is expanding the A Series with the introduction of new smaller models. These agile three-cylinder tractors are ideal as general purpose farm tractors, as well as for fruit farming and property maintenance, for example.
The new models open the door for Valtra to increase sales in the market for small tractors: over half of all tractors sold in Europe are in the under-100 horsepower class. This is especially important for Valtra importers and dealers; the Valtra model line-up now extends from 50 horsepower to 400 horsepower, allowing the Finnish manufacturer to serve its customers even more comprehensively than before.

The A Series model line-up now includes Compact and Orchard tractors. Compact tractors are available with or without a cab, while Orchard tractors are without a cab. Orchard tractors are just 1.6 to 1.7 metres wide, while Compact tractors are 1.9 to 2.0 metres wide. Orchard tractors are ideal for fruit farms, for example.

The smallest model is the A53, which offers 50 horsepower. The A63 model has an intercooled turbo engine that produces 68 horsepower. The biggest model is the A73, which offers 75 horsepower. All of the tractors come with Valtra’s reliable 12+12R transmission with synchronised shuttle and creeper gear. The PTO has two speeds, and the linkage is operated mechanically.

All models are available as either rear-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive. All models have hydraulic multidisc brakes. There are two hydraulic blocks. The open cab is fitted with a rollover bar and removable roof. The closed cab version is based on the traditional Valtra A Series cab and offers an ergonomic and optionally air-conditioned workspace that can be accessed easily from either side of the tractor.

New small A Series models:

  Standard max hp/kW/Nm 
A53  50/37/196 
A63  68/50/285 
A73  78/58/310 



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