Unlimited studio takes customising to the next level Press Release

Valtra has been manufacturing tailor-made tractors for customers for the past 22 years already. As other manufacturers have begun to increase the range of options and features available on their tractors, Valtra has again increased its lead.
The Unlimited studio at the Suolahti factory in Finland pledges to fulfil all the wishes that customers may have for their new tractors so long as they are feasible.

“If a customer wants a tractor painted gold, or a driver’s seat covered in special leather, we can do it for them. In practice most of our orders will be related to the intended tasks to be performed by the customer’s tractor, such as auxiliary hydraulics, reversing cameras, forest equipment, central lubrication systems, flashing lights and so on,” says Petri Loukiala, Project Manager at the Unlimited Studio.

“The Unlimited Studio is part of the Valtra factory, so the customer can order everything through the salesperson cost efficiently and rapidly. All the work we do is covered by the same warranty as the tractor. We can rely on the support of all the expertise here at the factory, from engineering to purchasing. The chassis number on our tractors also indicates all the parts fitted at the Unlimited studio, making it simple to order spare parts in the future,” adds Loukiala.

As its name suggests, the Unlimited studio can fit any equipment that the customer orders as long as they work and that they comply with all traffic regulations and requirements for type approval. The pricelist already includes the most popular equipment. In addition, all Unlimited tractors come automatically with Unlimited floor mats, seat covers, steering wheel logo and front badge. Initially the Unlimited service was offered only in Finland, but now Valtra begin offering it also to international customers.

Customers can order Unlimited options directly from their dealer, so neither the customer nor the salesperson has to transport the tractor back and forth. In principle, everything from the initial order to warranty matters are handled by the same place.

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