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Cab built around the driver

The new Valtra T Series underwent testing at agricultural machinery contractors Kalajoen Neliveto in Kalajoki, Finland, in spring 2013 and summer 2014. Several versions were tested, but most of the work was done on Versu models that were close to production spec.

Ville-Matti and Juha-Pekka Vuollet
Kalajoen Neliveto Oy agricultural machinery contractors
Kalajoki, Finland

Test machines: Several Valtra T Series tractors
Main tasks: Slurry spreading, silage production, soil preparation, seeding

Improved usability

The prototypes were used actively in the company’s operations. The tasks in spring included slurry spreading, soil preparation and seeding, while the focus in summer was on silage production. A Versu model was used to seed around 350 hectares. The tractor was also used to pull a 50-cubic-metre silage wagon and to level the grain in the silo.

The improved usability of the new T Series became evident during the long and varied work stints. All the features support each other and create a strong package around the tractor’s excellent driveability.

“The new T Series was really a positive surprise. The tractor is nice to use, you can get more out of the features and the driver remains comfortable behind the wheel even during the longest workdays,” comments Ville-Matti Vuollet.

“The new controls make it really easy to use the transmission. You can drive in automatic or using the pedals both on the field and on the road,” Juha-Pekka Vuollet continues. “The T is really efficient and stable with a front loader. The excellent visibility, agility and small weight increase can be clearly felt,” Ville-Matti says.

Juha-Pekka, who is responsible for servicing and maintenance, was impressed by the finishing touches on the tractor, such as the orderly layout of all the piping, hoses and cables. “Serviceability too has clearly been focused on. Inspections can be carried out quickly, and all the service points are easily accessible.”

The new cab on the T Series was the source of a lot of positive experiences. The ergonomic layout of the controls, logical functions and excellent visibility made life easy for the driver. “The tractor is fully in the driver’s control in all situations,” Ville-Matti describes.

The stable driving characteristics and suspension were singled out especially for improving the driveability. “The front suspension works optimally as an extension of the chassis,” Juha-Pekka says. “The new version of the adjustable mechanical cab suspension too was very effective.”

The benefits of the windscreen wiper than covers even the lower edge of the front window were also noted, especially during ploughing work. The roof window in turn eliminates unnecessary neck twisting when loading, while the pillarless right window provides an unobstructed view to the side of the tractor.

A handy toolkit and new storage spaces in the cab make life even easier for the driver. “The toolkit includes a towing chain and proper set of tools, which is a big improvement,” Juha-Pekka says. The quality of the stereo too did not go unnoticed. The system features proper speakers and a subwoofer that can also be used to play music from the driver’s personal device.

To top it all off, Ville Matti adds, “It certainly is an attractive looking tractor!”

Text and photos: Matti Kallio

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