Dual fuel tractor awarded silver medal in Moscow

Dual fuel tractor awarded silver medal in Moscow
Valtra’s N103.4 HiTech Dual Fuel tractor was awarded the silver medal at the Agrosalon exhibition in Moscow in early October.
The jury praised especially the low operating costs of the Dual Fuel tractor.

Valtra’s Dual Fuel tractors can run on diesel and either biogas or natural gas. If gas is unavailable, the tractor can run normally on diesel alone. When run on gas, small quantities of diesel are injected into the fuel mix to create combustion in the cylinder under pressure. However, most of the power is generated by the gas. Either natural gas, which is abundant in Russia, or biogas, which is more popular in the EU, can be used.

Using natural gas or biogas has no adverse effect on the tractor’s performance, the tasks it is used for or the optional equipment that can be specified with it.

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