Valtra to present its entire model line-up at SIMA 2013 Press Release

Valtra offers a complete model line-up with its third-generation A, N, T and S Series models, all of which are now in full series production.
Valtra’s third generation models comply with Tier 4 Interim emissions regulations and offer many other new improvements. For example, all Valtra tractors manufactured at the Suolahti factory in Finland now feature an electrohydraulic forward-reverse shuttle, an electronic linkage and a multidisc clutch, and mechanically operated Classic models are no longer offered.

The new smaller N93 and N103 models have been warmly received and are now in series production. These models have been praised especially for their agility, easy-to-use transmission and excellent power-to-weight ratio. The upgraded T Series has also attracted attention, especially for the Direct 2.0 transmission and the T163 EcoPower model, which consumers around ten percent less fuel than similar size tractors.

Valtra manufactures all its tractors on the basis of individual customer orders, so each tractor is tailor made at the factory according to the customer’s requirements. The Valtra tractors on display at SIMA 2013 include models and implements specified for forest use, municipal contracting and silage harvesting, for example. Valtra’s à la carte customer order system offers over half a million combinations of features and options. The range of nine colour options that was updated this winter is a clear example of how customers can individualise their Valtra according to their own preferences and the intended tasks.

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