Valtra offers remanufactured gearboxes

Valtra offers remanufactured gearboxes
Remanufactured gearboxes are a good alternative for possible transmission repairs. Custom-ers can receive a gearbox that is good as new, expertly assembled and equipped with all the latest upgrades for around 60 percent the price of a comparable new gearbox.

“Installing a remanufactured gearbox is often faster and more cost effective than taking apart an old gearbox, ordering the parts and making the repairs. Customers will be able to reserve a time in advance so that the remanufactured gearbox is ready waiting for them when they bring in their tractor,” says Jari Luoma-aho, who is heading the project at Valtra.

At Suolahti the old gearbox is taken apart, washed and inspected. Any defective parts and all bearings are replaced with new ones by professionally trained transmission specialists. Undamaged parts that are still in good condition are reused if possible. The gearbox is then reassembled, painted and tested. All available upgrades are also made. Remanufactured gearboxes come with the same one-year warranty as new ones.

Valtra currently offers around 20 types of remanufactured gear-boxes, including those for the N and T Series, 6000 and 8000 Series, and A and 100 Series. In order to reduce the number of variations, all reman-ufactured gearboxes come with a ground speed PTO and creeper gear. In addition to Mezzo, Mega and HiTech gearboxes, also Versu and Direct gearboxes will be offered in the near future.

Remanufactured parts are a big part of the spare parts service in the machinery and auto industries. For example, over twenty mechanics at AGCO Power remanufacture engines at the Linnavuori engine plant. In addition to all the other benefits, remanufactured gearboxes also help save the environment.

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