Valtra N142 - A tractor for all uses

Valtra N142 - A tractor for all uses
Valtra N142 proves its worth on the Grom Agrar farm in Germany. Bernd Grom really puts his Valtra N142 to work on his 1,200-hectare farm in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Equipped with the Direct transmission, the tractor takes care of a wide range of tasks efficiently and economically.
The Valtra N142 may not be the biggest, fastest or most powerful tractor on the market, but on the Grom Agrar farm it is still one of the favourites. Its appeal lies in its diversity; the N142 can be used for forestry work and for pulling heavy trailers just as well as it can be used for fertilising, spraying and ploughing.

“Initially the tractor made an impression on us thanks to its hydraulic output,” says Bernd Grom, who owns three farms in Bavaria, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt. “The hydraulic output demanded by some of our implements can make many of our tractors overheat, but not this one.”

The N142 soon proved to have been a wise purchase; over the past two years it has established its position as a versatile general tractor on the 1,200-hectare farm in Bad Lauchstädt, Merseburg.

“We always choose this tractor when we can’t or are unable to use a large specialised tractor, in other words quite often. The Valtra N142 is used year round on our farm.”

Bernd Grom tells us how the Valtra demonstrated its worth around a year ago on the Grom Agrar farm in Saxony-Anhalt. The farm uses an 8-tonne Güstrower manure spreader that demands up to 65 litres/minute of hydraulic output. Many powerful tractors overheated when pulling the large implement, but it was no problem for the N142 and its powerful 160 litres/minute hydraulics.

According to Bernd Grom, a lot of the credit goes to Valtra for separating the oils for the Direct transmission and the hydraulics, allowing sufficient cooling for the oils even in the most demanding tasks. “Thanks to this solution we can use our Valtra N142 to pull tipper trailers and even with the newest implements that require a lot of hydraulic output.”

In addition to the hydraulics, the 34-year-old farmer praises the power and low fuel consumption of the Valtra N142’s four-cylinder engine. Grom believes that the efficiency of the Valtra has a lot to do with the new Direct transmission. “The mechanical parts of the transmission clearly play a bigger role than the hydraulic parts at most speeds.”

The experienced tractor owner is right. The Direct transmission uses 100 % mechanical drive in all four ranges at certain speeds, which ensures that the transmission and implements always function together at full power. In auto mode the system selects the biggest possible gear ratio to maximise efficiency.

Bernd Grom has also noted how economical the N142 is. “With this transmission the tractor is easy to drive economically in the right gear and at the right speed, which reduces fuel consumption and extends the life of the tractor.”

Overall, Grom is very impressed with the Direct transmission and control system. “The four gear ranges and the possible to set the engine speed or driving speed have proven to be really useful in day-to-day work.”

For example, when fertilising or spraying the driver can set the driving speed, and the transmission’s control system automatically adjusts the engine speed and gears according to the terrain and conditions. If extra fertiliser is needed in a certain area, a slower preset speed can be selected at the push of a button. With implements using the PTO, the driver can set the engine speed and control the driving speed using the transmission joystick.

“This tractor is really easy to use,” Grom says. “When you get used to the controls, it is also really fun to drive.”

Not only is the tractor easy to control, it is also extremely agile. “It is always very easy to manoeuvre with the N142.”

The N142 has proven to be so easy to use, economical and efficient that it has become just about irreplaceable on the Grom family’s Bad Lauchstädt farm. The tractor is used for spraying and fertilising, for transporting during harvesting time, and sometimes also for pulling a cultivator and mower. The N142 and its Direct transmission also come in handy during the winter, when the tractor is used for forestry work and snow ploughing.

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