Mowing with TwinTrac saves time, fuel and your back Press Release

According to an independent research, using a tractor with the TwinTrac reverse-drive system for mowing requires 12 percent less time and 11 percent less fuel than when working in the forward direction.
In addition, mowing in reverse puts significantly less strain on the driver’s neck and back.

“For example, on a 110-hectare farm that is mowed twice a season, working in reverse can in practice save the equivalent of one day’s work. This can have a decisive impact on the quality and timing of the harvest in terms of weather conditions. In addition, the fuel savings in excess of ten percent are considerable,” says Timo Mattila, Product Marketing Manager at Valtra.

The research also studied the amount of twisting that the neck and back are subjected to during a typical mowing operation. It found that the amount of time spent driving with one’s back twisted was eradicated almost totally, while the amount of neck turning was halved.

The research was carried out using two T163 tractors. One was fitted with a 7.3-metre Elho Duett mower conditioner that is used by driving in reverse. The other had a 3.7-metre Elho mower conditioner attached to the front linkage and a similar 3.7-metre mower conditioner at the rear. Altogether 70 hectares on six fields were mowed for the research last summer in Southeast Finland. The research was carried out by the TTS Work Efficiency Institute (Työtehoseura). The final report is available upon request from TTS.
Valtra has manufactured over 6500 TwinTrac reverse-drive units over the past 20 years.

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