It pays to have your Valtra serviced at an authorised dealer

It pays to have your Valtra serviced at an authorised dealer
Having your tractor serviced at an authorised Valtra dealer is a worthwhile investment in many ways. It ensures that your tractor keeps running without interruptions, and it also helps retain the tractor’s resale value. For these reasons alone, having your tractor serviced at the dealer can easily pay for itself. In addition, you get peace of mind, and often you can get more out of your old tractor through dealer upgrades. 

Valtra technicians are regularly trained by Valtra. Courses are also held for importer service managers to teach them the secrets of new models, and they can then teach the service technicians at dealers in their own countries. Service training combines classroom theory with practical experience in the training workshop. The service training department in Suolahti, Finland, also prepares the teaching materials for use by importers. Valtra has thousands of service technicians throughout Europe who are trained before new products and features are introduced to the market. 

Six reasons to have Valtra service your tractor:

  1. Expertise – Authorised technicians know how to service Valtra tractors better than anyone else. They also have all the special tools and equipment they need, such as for upgrading electronic systems. This expertise can be seen in the speed and quality of their work. 
  2. Original spare parts – Authorised technicians use only original Valtra spare parts that are designed especially for Valtra tractors. Valtra spare parts come with a one-year warranty.
  3. Improved reliability – Predictive maintenance can prevent problems from occurring when you need your tractor most. The cost of an engine failure during the peak season, for example, can be considerable in terms of lost production. If possible, service should be carried out during the winter season when there is more time available.
  4. Higher resale value – A full service history from an authorised dealer can increase the resale value of your tractor by thousands of pounds. 
  5. Remanufactured parts – You can have the engine or transmission in your tractor replaced by a remanufactured one straight from the factory. Remanufactured parts are as good as new but 20–40 percent less expensive.
  6. Latest upgrades – Get the latest software upgrades, as well as other campaign upgrades that can further improve the performance of your tractor.

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